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-All the right ingredients for a healthy start in higher education 

-An Education Plan with a difference

At CIMB Wealth Advisors, we have combined the high growth potential, protection and peace of mind of unit trust investment, *insurance and a trust nomination service in one convenient package to ensure that your loved one will receive the best education available.


Smart Growth:

Our targeted unit trust based education plan diversifies your investment across a proactively evolving portfolio, giving the high growth potential you need to meet your goals. You have a choice of investing in either the Lifecycle Funds 2017, 2022 or 2027.

An *insurance plan contributes towards your investment goals in the event of death or total and permanent disability, providing you with added safety and security, to ensure that your commitment is fulfilled. You can seek coverage through our unique Value Investment Protector.

Peace of Mind:
A no hassle trust nomination service ensures that your investment reaches your beneficiary without delay (click on the hyperlink and it will lead to the trust nomination info below).

The only education plan that provides you with the flexibility to invest when you can and the discretion to access your funds partially or in full when you need to.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Assalamualaikum Waramahtullah Hiwabarakatuh..

Who us? yeahh..most of the time, that is the popular question among of you, right? Here, i am one of Cimb Wealth Advisor (CWA) agent would like to share with all of you, what is the PERFECT investment, nope i to maximize our valuable MONEY.

First of all, i will introduce you with our main "MONEY" ^________^

CIMB Wealth Advisors was incorporated in 1990 and has since then grown into one of the largest retail distribution arms in the financial services industry with a dynamic sales force of about 4600 FiMM (formerly known as FMUTM) registered consultants and financial planners.

CIMB Wealth Advisors offers investment and financial planning advisory services through the distribution of best of breed mutual funds and other innovative products across asset classes from reputable fund houses. We create value for customers through our work value of “forward thinking”. We do this by being able to anticipate customer investment needs with the best selection of innovative products and professional advice. Our philosophy is to create value for our customers; to enable our people to be true professional advisors; and to have integrity to speak and act honestly and sincerely to allow our customers to entrust their business to us.

CIMB Wealth Advisors is a subsidiary of CIMB Group, housed under Group Asset Management. The synergy from the integration of the companies under the Group Asset Management brings together a powerful range of strengths that enable the development of innovative products distributed through multiple channels.

Building on CIMB Group’s solid foundation, CIMB Wealth Advisors has scaled new heights with its unit trust funds, investment services and a broader range of other financial services and instruments. Embraced in a bigger entity, we have gained greater economies of scale and market concentration besides having increased our competitive advantage in the financial services industry.

To meet investor's growing demand for a one-stop financial services solution provider, CIMB Wealth Advisors has expanded its products beyond Unit Trust alone.  We also offer a wide range of differentiated and innovative insurance protection solution underwritten by our strategic partner, AIA Bhd. and it's subsidiary, AIA Takaful International Bhd.  We, at CIMB Wealth Advisors are poised at the forefront of the financial services industry, readily equipped with dynamic solutions to meet your financial needs.

so, clear all?? if want further explanation, please do not hesitate to contact me..




Assalamualaikum semua readers! Selamat bertemu kembali di ruangan cit cat sy..wahh..gitu..ahakks..tawu takk..tnie back dgn new storyyy..nak tawu..bace explanation kat bawah..saya minta izin share ye cik abg..sape tah abg ni..ahaha..yg pnting nye say pinjam ayat abg "tak dikenali" ni la..^_______^ pape sume ni boleh jd kenyataan sekiranya kita bertindak dari sekarang,,ye dak?? ada sesape yg setuju x??? i siap bg ctc no peliss yg seyesly berminat k...=.='

Di CIMB Wealth Advisors, kami memilih untuk memperkenalkan Unit Trust kepada cara yang lebih kepada Total Financial Solution. Di CIMB Wealth Advisors konsep yang kami anjurkan adalah Create Wealth with Unit Trust, Protect With Insurance/Takaful dan Preserve With Trust Nomination/Islamic Estate Planning.

Maksudnya di sini, kita plan untuk membina pendapatan atau keuntungan kita menggunakan Fund2 terbaik dari CIMB. Namun begitu, untuk mencapai pulangan yang tinggi dengan teknik switching dan compound interest, di Unit Trust sudah tentu mengambil masa yang agak panjang. Unit Trust adalah mid to long term investment. Kita tidak tahu esok lusa apa akan berlaku. Jadi untuk memastikan target kita boleh di capai, Takaful/Insuran boleh membantu.

Contoh nya kita mensasarkan simpanan unit trust dalam masa 20 tahun untuk mendapatkan RM300k. tapi kita tidak tahu, mungkin akan berlaku sesuatu setelah menyimpan 10 tahun, kita tak berupaya untuk bekerja, jadi di CIMB Wealth Advisors menawarkan servis tambahan untuk Takaful/Insuran. Boleh membeli polisi yang bernilai RM300k sebagai perlindungan tambahan untuk perancangan kewangan. Sekiranya berlaku apa2 di pertengahan, RM300K akan dapat bersama jumlah unit trust terkumpul. Di sini, perancangan kewangan anda tidak akan terputus walaupun anda tidak berkemampuan untuk menambah pembelian unit trust. Jadi, salah satu strategi untuk perancangan kewangan yang berjaya adalah kemampuan kita mencapai matlamat walau apa pun yang akan berlaku. Persediaan untuk menghadapi segala kemungkinan adalah perancangan yang terbaik.

Dan juga melalui servis Trust Nomination/Islamic Estate Planning, anda boleh memindahkan pendapatan keuntungan unit trust anda kepada sesiapa yang anda mahu. tanpa perlu disekat di Amanah Raya atau sebagainya.

Jadi, di CIMB Wealth Advisors kami menawarkan pakej Unit Trust, Takaful/Insuran dan juga Trust Nomination/Islamic Estate Planning di bawah satu agensi.

Di CIMB Wealth Advisors, kami adalah Total Financial Solution, bukan sekadar Unit Trust.

DALI 1 -5 tahun performance 114%. 20% average per year!!



Sekiranya anda berminat terhadap servis2 di atas, boleh la contact saya melalui YM yang saya beri okee..